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Welcome to Kirkys Therapies

Taking you on the path to Health and Wellness.

Welcome to Kirkys Therapies

We're passionate about the Mind, Body and Spirit connection.

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About Laura

Laura Kirkwood - Kirkys Therapies

My interest in the Mind, Body & Spirit connection has always been obvious, leading me to the path I know is right for me.

I began my training and practice in Alternative and Complimentary practices in 1995 and finally, I launched myself full-time as Kirkys Therapies in 2015.

About Laura
Laura Kirkwood - Kirkys Therapies

Lymphoedema Management

Lymphoedema is diagnosed where there is tissue swelling caused by an accumulation of lymph fluid over time, usually a period of three months or longer.

PSYCH-K® Subconscious Reprogramming

Your life is a reflection of your subconscious programming so if you are not particularly happy - why don't you change it? It's not as difficult as you might think PSYCH-K(R) is a simple and very effective set of processes used to change limiting beliefs/programs held at the subconscious level of your mind. Change your mind - change your life!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a specialised treatment for people who suffer from lipoedema, lymphoedema, autoimmune disorders, bloating and swelling of the extremities (oedema). MLD sessions are highly recommended by Doctors for post operative recovery from cosmetic surgery and healthy maintenance where lymph nodes have been removed.